recordings sound better with a broken leg

Alright, it's technically not broken, but I've felt like crap today. 

In a fit of exercise frustration (I haven't gotten to run all week due to finishing my leg tattoo) I decided to get a light jog around my block in this morning. Unfortunately, it's not a very good idea to run on an already swollen leg and what resulted was a broken Hannah.

But not a lazy one! After working a full shift at the good ol' Bean it's back to SITB-related work now that I'm home. 

I've been instructed to go back and record every song I've ever written (don't get ahead of yourself, that doesn't amount to too many) to be looked over and "evaluated". I don't know if we're supposed to find some hidden gems in songs titled "No, Paula Doesn't Want Any Champagne" or "Intervention" (a song I wrote entirely based on a John Irving novel), but what I do know is that I a good number of these songs are ones I never wanted to see hear the light of day ever again. 

But since I am but a lemming, and they say it's best, then I have to trust them.

Don't worry, come studio time I will exact my revenge; I can be quite the prankster when provoked.

Time to get crackin' folks. There's a storm a-comin', and it's mostly compiled of ukulele strings, homemade burritos, and a hell of a lot of whining. 

I'm ready.


Anonymous said...

I love your ukele youtube covers! You have a great voice!!! Definitely subscribed to your YouTube page :)

lalalalauren said...

Hey, good luck on the recording! You rock.
And, I hope your leg gets better! Being broken is no fun.