THE ULTIMATE BATTLE: 8 days and it appears we've made a dent, Johnson!

I fell asleep last night before I could blog, but don't worry, I'm on top of it! You know...for all 14 of you. (who I love unconditionally<3)


YEP. 600-ISH.

My actual estimate is something closer to $650, however due to the crazyness of the garage sale, some things weren't recorded and it got a little confusing.

Needless to say, the garage sale went pretty well! I sold basically all of my "big-ticket" items and really didn't have enough to do another sale today, so that's gotta be good! It was a stressful day, but I'm always grateful for any progress we can make towards the ultimate goal.

Once again, this week I will be out and about collecting donations for one more garage sale all over Southern California, so if you or anyone you know has anything they'd like to donate, please put them in contact with me and I'll come take it off their hands. (and hug them and thank them obsessively).



Not just normal t-shirts... TIE-DYE T SHIRTS.

I had a bunch of really fun ideas hit me last night and I'm going to be working with Joey to get everything settled. After I announced the possibility last night I got 10 ORDERS. I'll be starting an Etsy account and offering the t-shirts for sale on there in any combination. I can't wait for you guys to see them, this is going to be fun.

Keep your eyes peeled! Hopefully I'll be posting the designs today or tomorrow!

Like every day, thank you so much for the support. We're inching closer, and as I pull out more and more of my hair, I get more and more excited.

Love forever,


retro.city.lights said...

You're too adorable for words.
And so extremely talented.
And frankly..you and Julia Nunes are my basis for ukulele inspiration.
You WILL raise enough money and get that EP out because you have caring, wonderful fans who need to see you succeed.

Keep on keeping on and making beautiful music <3