THE ULTIMATE BATTLE: 7 days and the most overwhelming night.

(Hi, I haven't slept.)

Yesterday was a pretty good day! Feeling ignored is so prevalent in my life, and has been for so long that I just couldn't let it get me down.

I counted up the money and did the math and rounded what I had yesterday to $650, and then I received a $25 donation from Tommy!
He put in the donation via FEED THE MUSE and in return got to request any song for me to cover. He's chosen a really cool A Day To Remember song and I'll be posting the video tonight to show my thanks!

(Want She's in the Band to cover your favorite song? Visit FTM to find out how!)

The other night I posted a tweet about making tie-dye SITB shirts, mostly on a whim to see what the response would be. I ended up getting 12 orders! So yesterday I made the first batch of tie-dye shirts, and I'll be creating an Etsy account to display and sell them to anyone who wants to rock one in their hometown!

On top of that, I get tips today! Yay! Another 50 bucks to the total, ideally.

I'm excited, kids. It's all coming together.
 I sent this to my producer last night:

"I'm so happy, Joey.

I mean, I'm stressed and anxious and worried and want to tear my hair out sometimes...but I'm really happy."

That's absolutely, completely, because of all of you.
Thank you.



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will wants to know why i'm the only one getting producer credit haha