THE ULTIMATE BATTLE: 11 days and counting...

Well, I'll just get out there and say it: We didn't actually raise any more money today.


I have the most amazing fans and the most amazing friends in the world. I traveled to my old watering hole, the Antelope Valley today to pick up donations from the wonderful Suzey Q, the supportive and generous Engel Family, and my talented engineer, Will Walz.

We filled up two cars worth of donations and my best friend, Steven helped me drive it all back down to my house. 

I'm holding more garage sales this weekend. I'm excited. People have been incredibly generous with their donations (TVs, fax machines, furniture) and I'm beginning to think that even though I am so far away from my goal, I may actually make it with the incredible backup I have in friends, fans and family.

So here's where we're at...
As of today, we're still at $400.

Much against my mother's liking, I've taken to keeping written track of the money I earn over the next week and a half...with sharpie...on my arms.

If we're being honest, I just like drawing on myself.

This weekend I'll be cutting down the donation agreements on Feed the Muse (any donation helps). You'll be able to get fan benefits (including one song request to be posted on Youtube with a shoutout to the "beneficiary"!) for cheaper then their original listing for one night only! 

Keep in touch, a million thank yous and many crossed fingers (and other extremities).