In my first of many ideas to make money and put it aside to get this album recorded, I've decided to hold a series of weekly garage sales.

Are you a packrat? Got lot's of crap lying around that you just can't seem to get rid of? Send it to me!

I'll take it off your hands! Ideally, I want a portion of anything I make to go towards an organization designed to keep music and art in schools. 
I could really use everyone's help on this one. I wouldn't ask if it didn't mean so much to me. I do everything on a "Pay It Forward" basis, so next time you need help moving, or showing your senile relatives a night on the town? Be sure to call me. I'll be there with bells and denture glue.

We're gonna make this happen, folks!

email me if you're interested getting rid of some junk!

I'm excited, folks. It'll happen.