And our journey officially begins...

Today I had my first meeting with my good friends Joey Engel and Will Walz. Not just any meeting, I tell you, but the first, albeit somewhat informal production meeting for my second-ever recorded EP for She's in the Band.

I've been talking/working with Will and Joey for months now, trying to get a plan together for getting things recorded, and I came to the conclusion a long time ago that I wouldn't trust any other people with this EP. They know what I want and can help me capitalize on what I already have, as opposed to try and change it.

I'll admit, when we first got into this our goal was a full-length LP, but given the position I'm in, it makes more sense to release a solid EP in hopes that I can show people what I'm really about in just a few songs, and find out if it's something people really want to hear.

I'll be the first to say how excited I am. It's all I think about, it's mostly what I talk about, and most prominently, it's what I stress about. It sucks that I feel that I'm missing out on being excited because of this one, looming worry stuck in the back, front, and middle of my mind...

I have to come up with a certain amount of money in a very short amount of time, and it just about gives me a heart attack every time I think about it. Those of you who know me know that I am terrible with money. I am very much a spender, on other people and myself, and I foolishly ignored cautions to put away money for such an occasion. So now, I'm stuck.

Okay, "stuck" may be a harsh term, but it definitely feels that way. I've spent the last two days brainstorming idea after idea of how I can earn enough money in the given time frame, and have only come up with a few ideas.

So, I'll ask you readers: when was the last time you were in a crunch to get some money? For bills, or an important purchase, or a trip? How did you pull it together?

I have three weeks. I'll take all the suggestions I can get.