SHE'S IN THE BAND is sending out an EXCLUSIVE invite to all fans for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

On NOVEMBER 19th we'll be having a special studio session open to just TWENTY guests.

In this little session, you'll get to be a part of lots of fun things:
- You'll be the FIRST to hear the "Better" EP in its entirety!
- You'll get to hang out and sing along with a special in-studio acoustic performance, featuring Will Walz and Rick Swanson
- You'll get to be A PART OF THE ALBUM for all time by banding together with all of us and sing GANG VOCALS on "Keeping the Peace", a kickass rock anthem off of the EP!

We're going to have refreshments, good friends, and great music!

We're asking a mere $10 donation at the door, simply to go straight towards finishing the album you've all been waiting for. We'll have stickers and fun things to give away, and most importantly good times to be had.

There are only TWENTY SPOTS available! If you would like to be put ON THE LIST as a SURE FIRE ticket-holder, message me DIRECTLY or email shesintheband@gmail.com and I'll put your name on the list!

It's really important to me that I'm able to share this with you all, and I'm really excited to see all of you there with your party hats and your game faces on!

Bring a friend, and be a part of SHE'S IN THE BAND history!