you're so post-modern

it's hard to read old posts, from before your time, that make you sad. all you can hope to think is, "well, i hope your life is better now, and how can i help to keep it so?"

i'd like to think i try my best.

oh, trust me

i'm very happy; i just have an incredibly clever way of showing it.



please don't be awkward please don't be awkward please don't be awkward please don't be awkward.

why don't people believe me when i say i have control over my own emotions?!
anyways, all the talks have been had, and hopefully it's blown over but i can't help thinking that things are still worried and different, which blows because there shouldn't be. i'll stop worrying about it until it becomes apparent.

in other news, james and amber will be leaving california no later than february 15th. i've planned to be as dramatic about this as possible.

also, i got asked out on a date this week. i'm hesitant. i don't like dating.