i think it should be common knowledge

that anything i post or say to you between the hours of 2am-6am is basically nonsense because i am most likely in my oh-so-fabulous state of wandering in and out of sleep. you can tell this because my conversation almost always ends or begins with me talking about ice cream.

oh, and it should also be known that i love amanda palmer.
and that i am working an overnight tonight, and someone should come to the mall and leave me goodies on my car.

keep it copacetic

ever have one of those moments, where the loss of something so ridiculously insignificant makes you question whether or not you should be allowed to attend school because your memory is the size of charles manson's regret?


i have a good friend who hasn't spoken to me in two weeks
i also have a best friend who has taught me everything i know
i have a job that i love to hate and hate to love
i have a mother. she has a boyfriend. that is really all there is to be said.
i have a strong desire not to have children. but i urge you to challenge that.
i am constantly taking down photographs from my wall
i am a machine
i am an illusion
i am not real
hannah is not real