i'm gettin' too old for this stuff.

I've completely forgotten what 4:38am feels like. I never stay up this late anymore. Granted, if I didn't have soreness radiating throughout my leg, I'd be knocked out like Fedor Emelianenko (I hate to take it), but here I am, drifting aimlessly closer to sunrise, without more than 30 minutes of sleep.

I've forgotten what 4:47am feels like. It's a mixture of shame and confusion with just a hint of debauchery thrown in.

I've forgotten what 4:53 feels like. Kind of makes me feel silly for hoping you'd be awake, long enough for me to say more stupid things and embarrass myself further. But hey, maybe my lack of an edit function and my unsinkable sense of self confidence is what attracts you to me. No? Oh yeah, I guess you're right.

I've forgotten what 5am feels like...

More than anything it just feels like I need to get some fucking sleep.

Yours sincerely,
Hannah daSciurba


Annah said...

Amen ... Insomnia has been my best friend for past few weeks so I know exactly what you feel like.

freckleonthenose said...

Oh man. I'm going to have another cup of coffee - this one's for you.

Joseph said...

Dear Hannah, did you blog today?