THE ULTIMATE BATTLE: And the countdown begins...

I'm actually scared, kids. That rarely happens happens all the time but now it's something more than a bug, or the dark, or the scary dancing old man from the Six Flags commericals...

This is the dream.

I finally have the opportunity to record my first studio EP, as you may know. You may also know that to make that happen I need to come up with $3000 dollars, half of which needs to be in my hands by August 1st. That's right AUGUST 1st. That's a mere 12 days away.

I've been holding garage sales, and collecting donations of junk and services and money from all these amazing people, and I couldn't be more thankful...

But god do I have a long way to go.
So after thinking about it, and talking with friends, I came to the conclusion that there is nothing funnier than a frazzled Hannah. Having said that, I've decided that I'm starting this blogging project for the next 12 days to document my saving, earning and collecting stories.

Money has always found a way of alluding me all my life; I've never been good at being frugal so it goes without saying that the title, THE ULTIMATE BATTLE is appropriate for the treacherous journey I am embarking on.

So welcome to day one! As of right now, I have roughly $400 dollars towards my $3,000 $1,500 goal.*

Yeah, I know. Ouch.
(*Not including anything I have in my bank account by the deadline and the mountains of change I have in a bucket in my room.)

Anyways, it's been tough the past week. I hate asking for help, especially in the form of money. It makes me feel like a douchebag. Which makes it all the more overwhelming when I find that there are people that actually care, and are really pulling for this EP. It astonishes me daily.

Tomorrow my dad is meeting with a friend of his who has always shown an interest in She's in the Band. Ideally, if all goes well he might be a potential investor (in which case I would send him the most obnoxious, mushy thank-you basket of baked goods known to man).

I also wrote up an email that I'm hoping to send to Eastwood Guitars. It's a fantastic instrument company that has sponsored bands like The Foo Fighters and the Decemberists (two of my favorites). On top of that, though being predominantly an electric guitar company, this year they released the beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous Airline Solid Body Electric Ukulele

The second I saw this magnificent beast I squealed with joy. I considered hanging a picture of it on my ceiling, like a teenage boy and his Halle Berry poster (do kids still think she's hot?).

If this letter has any charm or luck attached to it, maybe Eastwood would sponsor me as one of their players. It'd be an amazing gift and a blessing to work with such a cool, approachable company. Fingers crossed.

I think that's about all the stress I can handle for one night. Stay tuned tomorrow for more on the ULTIMATE BATTLE.

And though I know I only have very few readers, if you feel at all like helping the cause, visit www.feedthemuse.net/shesintheband.
That way, if you donate even just two dollars you can receive some sort of gift from me in return.

And please, tell your friends. If you haven't heard any of She's in the Band's music, please visit my Youtube Page or my Myspace for covers and originals.
Thanks for all your help, and support, and love.
I'm trying to keep it with me always.



Lost said...

wow awesome... follow!

Good luck!!

Creepy guy from the waterboy voice 'You can do it!'