THE ULTIMATE BATTLE: 9 days and I'll always be nervous


Got two more donations to the Feed the Muse site today!
Big thanks to Joseph and Francis!

Yeah, I know we're still lightyears away from $1500 (or the $3000 I'll end up needing) but I'm amazed every time someone gives just a little. Warms my heart in a way I didn't think was possible.

THIS WEEKEND ONLY: Starting TOMORROW (Saturday, 7/24) I'll be lowering one of my donation minimums on the FTM site from $50 to $15 dollars. That means for that low low donation you can request ANY cover song from me, and I'll post it on Youtube for the world to see. I will also include the mushiest, most lovey-dovey shout out to you I can possibly manage! Tell EVERYONE!

I went out and picked up a couple pieces of furniture from my coworker and good friend Mike, today. Tomorrow's another big garage sale and I'm astounded by the amount of stuff I have to try and sell!

Tell everyone you know in the Los Angeles area! Everything MUST go so just MAKE ME AN OFFER.


I'll be playing ukulele all day, and if you give me any donation, I'll play the cover song of your choice!
And now, since I have to be up in 6 hours, I must go to bed. But I leave you with this new She's in the Band cover I did today.


Hannah <3


Amy @ life's journey with a smile said...

I am obsessed with this song, and this is a great version!