After getting my tips this week (yep, I'm an expert barista) and a wonderful $20 dollar donation from an old friend (Dear Michelle, I love you.) I am now past the $700 mark! Yay!

Again, I can't thank you all enough for all the support. Keep donating, I have lots to give you in return! Like Tommy for example; he donated money and in return got to request any song for me to cover and post on Youtube. And I did:

Check out my Feed the Muse page to find out more about how to request your favorite song!


(Left: Front - Right: Back)

Yes, they are very DIY, but I love them. This is just the first design I have, but I'm planning a whole series of "that's what she('s in the band) said" t-shirts (and yes, they will be available in solid colors) including such memorable quotes/lyrics as:
"Is that a euphemism for sex?"

"I only listen to Throwdown."

"My heart feels like Hiroshima, I am under attack!"

"I'm in the band."

I'll be creating an Etsy account this week and putting them up for sale for just $10! I'm so thrilled with how many of you have already placed orders, and I can't wait to keep making them! All proceeds go towards the SITB studio time.

We're gonna make it guys. It's going to happen.

Thank you,


THE ULTIMATE BATTLE: 7 days and the most overwhelming night.

(Hi, I haven't slept.)

Yesterday was a pretty good day! Feeling ignored is so prevalent in my life, and has been for so long that I just couldn't let it get me down.

I counted up the money and did the math and rounded what I had yesterday to $650, and then I received a $25 donation from Tommy!
He put in the donation via FEED THE MUSE and in return got to request any song for me to cover. He's chosen a really cool A Day To Remember song and I'll be posting the video tonight to show my thanks!

(Want She's in the Band to cover your favorite song? Visit FTM to find out how!)

The other night I posted a tweet about making tie-dye SITB shirts, mostly on a whim to see what the response would be. I ended up getting 12 orders! So yesterday I made the first batch of tie-dye shirts, and I'll be creating an Etsy account to display and sell them to anyone who wants to rock one in their hometown!

On top of that, I get tips today! Yay! Another 50 bucks to the total, ideally.

I'm excited, kids. It's all coming together.
 I sent this to my producer last night:

"I'm so happy, Joey.

I mean, I'm stressed and anxious and worried and want to tear my hair out sometimes...but I'm really happy."

That's absolutely, completely, because of all of you.
Thank you.


THE ULTIMATE BATTLE: 8 days and it appears we've made a dent, Johnson!

I fell asleep last night before I could blog, but don't worry, I'm on top of it! You know...for all 14 of you. (who I love unconditionally<3)


YEP. 600-ISH.

My actual estimate is something closer to $650, however due to the crazyness of the garage sale, some things weren't recorded and it got a little confusing.

Needless to say, the garage sale went pretty well! I sold basically all of my "big-ticket" items and really didn't have enough to do another sale today, so that's gotta be good! It was a stressful day, but I'm always grateful for any progress we can make towards the ultimate goal.

Once again, this week I will be out and about collecting donations for one more garage sale all over Southern California, so if you or anyone you know has anything they'd like to donate, please put them in contact with me and I'll come take it off their hands. (and hug them and thank them obsessively).



Not just normal t-shirts... TIE-DYE T SHIRTS.

I had a bunch of really fun ideas hit me last night and I'm going to be working with Joey to get everything settled. After I announced the possibility last night I got 10 ORDERS. I'll be starting an Etsy account and offering the t-shirts for sale on there in any combination. I can't wait for you guys to see them, this is going to be fun.

Keep your eyes peeled! Hopefully I'll be posting the designs today or tomorrow!

Like every day, thank you so much for the support. We're inching closer, and as I pull out more and more of my hair, I get more and more excited.

Love forever,

THE ULTIMATE BATTLE: 9 days and I'll always be nervous


Got two more donations to the Feed the Muse site today!
Big thanks to Joseph and Francis!

Yeah, I know we're still lightyears away from $1500 (or the $3000 I'll end up needing) but I'm amazed every time someone gives just a little. Warms my heart in a way I didn't think was possible.

THIS WEEKEND ONLY: Starting TOMORROW (Saturday, 7/24) I'll be lowering one of my donation minimums on the FTM site from $50 to $15 dollars. That means for that low low donation you can request ANY cover song from me, and I'll post it on Youtube for the world to see. I will also include the mushiest, most lovey-dovey shout out to you I can possibly manage! Tell EVERYONE!

I went out and picked up a couple pieces of furniture from my coworker and good friend Mike, today. Tomorrow's another big garage sale and I'm astounded by the amount of stuff I have to try and sell!

Tell everyone you know in the Los Angeles area! Everything MUST go so just MAKE ME AN OFFER.


I'll be playing ukulele all day, and if you give me any donation, I'll play the cover song of your choice!
And now, since I have to be up in 6 hours, I must go to bed. But I leave you with this new She's in the Band cover I did today.


Hannah <3

THE ULTIMATE BATTLE: 10 days and the mood swings begin...

Today was rough. I hate to say that, but it really was.

I woke up to the most incredible piece of news ever. It didn't necessarily bring my any closer to my fiscal goal, but it is very exciting. Unfortunately I can't share it just yet until everything is finalized, but it draws from what I talked about in yesterday's update, and could mean very big things for She's in the Band.

So here we are.
(Pardon the crazy hair, it's been a long day.)

It's hard to do a daily update, when I'm just not earning money every day, rather lump sums on days where I do garage sales, or hopefully, one of these days when someone thinks I'm worthwhile enough to invest in, or if anyone donates on the Feed the Muse page.

I was talking to a customer today about how exhausting these past few weeks have been. I've been feeling awful because I hate asking for things, and it makes me feel arrogant to assume that this is worth while, and that people care...

And then when you guys came through, and just overwhelmed me with your love and your support it filled me with the greatest feeling of confidence and excitement.

But then when my mind settles on the reality that I have to come up with $1,100 $1,089 in 10 days the anxiety really sets in.

After I finished my venting, he handed me ten dollars and told me to remember that everything counts, and no matter what, this will happen.

Everyone seems so sure that I'll make it. I admire that in you all.
Guess it's just time to keep my head up, and keep moving forward.

Love and rock and roll (with ukuleles and an empty bank account)

Hannah <3

P.S. I also found a dollar while walking back to my car. 11 dollars made.
P.P.S. Big thanks to Erin Bird for donating some more stuff for me to sell at my garage sales this weekend. Lot's of adorable clothing and jewelry, be sure to come snatch it before it's gone!

THE ULTIMATE BATTLE: 11 days and counting...

Well, I'll just get out there and say it: We didn't actually raise any more money today.


I have the most amazing fans and the most amazing friends in the world. I traveled to my old watering hole, the Antelope Valley today to pick up donations from the wonderful Suzey Q, the supportive and generous Engel Family, and my talented engineer, Will Walz.

We filled up two cars worth of donations and my best friend, Steven helped me drive it all back down to my house. 

I'm holding more garage sales this weekend. I'm excited. People have been incredibly generous with their donations (TVs, fax machines, furniture) and I'm beginning to think that even though I am so far away from my goal, I may actually make it with the incredible backup I have in friends, fans and family.

So here's where we're at...
As of today, we're still at $400.

Much against my mother's liking, I've taken to keeping written track of the money I earn over the next week and a half...with sharpie...on my arms.

If we're being honest, I just like drawing on myself.

This weekend I'll be cutting down the donation agreements on Feed the Muse (any donation helps). You'll be able to get fan benefits (including one song request to be posted on Youtube with a shoutout to the "beneficiary"!) for cheaper then their original listing for one night only! 

Keep in touch, a million thank yous and many crossed fingers (and other extremities).


THE ULTIMATE BATTLE: And the countdown begins...

I'm actually scared, kids. That rarely happens happens all the time but now it's something more than a bug, or the dark, or the scary dancing old man from the Six Flags commericals...

This is the dream.

I finally have the opportunity to record my first studio EP, as you may know. You may also know that to make that happen I need to come up with $3000 dollars, half of which needs to be in my hands by August 1st. That's right AUGUST 1st. That's a mere 12 days away.

I've been holding garage sales, and collecting donations of junk and services and money from all these amazing people, and I couldn't be more thankful...

But god do I have a long way to go.
So after thinking about it, and talking with friends, I came to the conclusion that there is nothing funnier than a frazzled Hannah. Having said that, I've decided that I'm starting this blogging project for the next 12 days to document my saving, earning and collecting stories.

Money has always found a way of alluding me all my life; I've never been good at being frugal so it goes without saying that the title, THE ULTIMATE BATTLE is appropriate for the treacherous journey I am embarking on.

So welcome to day one! As of right now, I have roughly $400 dollars towards my $3,000 $1,500 goal.*

Yeah, I know. Ouch.
(*Not including anything I have in my bank account by the deadline and the mountains of change I have in a bucket in my room.)

Anyways, it's been tough the past week. I hate asking for help, especially in the form of money. It makes me feel like a douchebag. Which makes it all the more overwhelming when I find that there are people that actually care, and are really pulling for this EP. It astonishes me daily.

Tomorrow my dad is meeting with a friend of his who has always shown an interest in She's in the Band. Ideally, if all goes well he might be a potential investor (in which case I would send him the most obnoxious, mushy thank-you basket of baked goods known to man).

I also wrote up an email that I'm hoping to send to Eastwood Guitars. It's a fantastic instrument company that has sponsored bands like The Foo Fighters and the Decemberists (two of my favorites). On top of that, though being predominantly an electric guitar company, this year they released the beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous Airline Solid Body Electric Ukulele

The second I saw this magnificent beast I squealed with joy. I considered hanging a picture of it on my ceiling, like a teenage boy and his Halle Berry poster (do kids still think she's hot?).

If this letter has any charm or luck attached to it, maybe Eastwood would sponsor me as one of their players. It'd be an amazing gift and a blessing to work with such a cool, approachable company. Fingers crossed.

I think that's about all the stress I can handle for one night. Stay tuned tomorrow for more on the ULTIMATE BATTLE.

And though I know I only have very few readers, if you feel at all like helping the cause, visit www.feedthemuse.net/shesintheband.
That way, if you donate even just two dollars you can receive some sort of gift from me in return.

And please, tell your friends. If you haven't heard any of She's in the Band's music, please visit my Youtube Page or my Myspace for covers and originals.
Thanks for all your help, and support, and love.
I'm trying to keep it with me always.



In my first of many ideas to make money and put it aside to get this album recorded, I've decided to hold a series of weekly garage sales.

Are you a packrat? Got lot's of crap lying around that you just can't seem to get rid of? Send it to me!

I'll take it off your hands! Ideally, I want a portion of anything I make to go towards an organization designed to keep music and art in schools. 
I could really use everyone's help on this one. I wouldn't ask if it didn't mean so much to me. I do everything on a "Pay It Forward" basis, so next time you need help moving, or showing your senile relatives a night on the town? Be sure to call me. I'll be there with bells and denture glue.

We're gonna make this happen, folks!

email me if you're interested getting rid of some junk!

I'm excited, folks. It'll happen.

And our journey officially begins...

Today I had my first meeting with my good friends Joey Engel and Will Walz. Not just any meeting, I tell you, but the first, albeit somewhat informal production meeting for my second-ever recorded EP for She's in the Band.

I've been talking/working with Will and Joey for months now, trying to get a plan together for getting things recorded, and I came to the conclusion a long time ago that I wouldn't trust any other people with this EP. They know what I want and can help me capitalize on what I already have, as opposed to try and change it.

I'll admit, when we first got into this our goal was a full-length LP, but given the position I'm in, it makes more sense to release a solid EP in hopes that I can show people what I'm really about in just a few songs, and find out if it's something people really want to hear.

I'll be the first to say how excited I am. It's all I think about, it's mostly what I talk about, and most prominently, it's what I stress about. It sucks that I feel that I'm missing out on being excited because of this one, looming worry stuck in the back, front, and middle of my mind...

I have to come up with a certain amount of money in a very short amount of time, and it just about gives me a heart attack every time I think about it. Those of you who know me know that I am terrible with money. I am very much a spender, on other people and myself, and I foolishly ignored cautions to put away money for such an occasion. So now, I'm stuck.

Okay, "stuck" may be a harsh term, but it definitely feels that way. I've spent the last two days brainstorming idea after idea of how I can earn enough money in the given time frame, and have only come up with a few ideas.

So, I'll ask you readers: when was the last time you were in a crunch to get some money? For bills, or an important purchase, or a trip? How did you pull it together?

I have three weeks. I'll take all the suggestions I can get.

recordings sound better with a broken leg

Alright, it's technically not broken, but I've felt like crap today. 

In a fit of exercise frustration (I haven't gotten to run all week due to finishing my leg tattoo) I decided to get a light jog around my block in this morning. Unfortunately, it's not a very good idea to run on an already swollen leg and what resulted was a broken Hannah.

But not a lazy one! After working a full shift at the good ol' Bean it's back to SITB-related work now that I'm home. 

I've been instructed to go back and record every song I've ever written (don't get ahead of yourself, that doesn't amount to too many) to be looked over and "evaluated". I don't know if we're supposed to find some hidden gems in songs titled "No, Paula Doesn't Want Any Champagne" or "Intervention" (a song I wrote entirely based on a John Irving novel), but what I do know is that I a good number of these songs are ones I never wanted to see hear the light of day ever again. 

But since I am but a lemming, and they say it's best, then I have to trust them.

Don't worry, come studio time I will exact my revenge; I can be quite the prankster when provoked.

Time to get crackin' folks. There's a storm a-comin', and it's mostly compiled of ukulele strings, homemade burritos, and a hell of a lot of whining. 

I'm ready.