late-night, no-pants blogging for happiness

I know it's late but...

the last few months have been overwhelming.
Between the Stick To Your Guns cover, Ben Folds acknowledging me, Chad Gilbert acknowledging me, being featured on the 20SB homepage and just all the wonderful people I've met and spoken to and gotten to share with what I love do to, I feel a little brighter, a little warmer, and a lot more blessed every day.

"Move over, refrigerator. This is the new cool!"
I got that comment on one of my YouTube videos and I almost squealed in gratitude. 

Things are happening, everyone. I am grateful and appreciative and anxious and excited about you all being here and riding this out with me. I can only hope you stay tuned, stay with me, and that I don't let you down.

Thanks to everyone who has ever listened to one of my silly covers, or listened to my silly EP, or sports one of my silly stickers on any of their possessions. 

I promise, big things are coming, and I won't let you down.