Today is the day. The long-awaited third album from Stick to Your Guns, called "The Hope Division" was released today.

I woke up early to make the drive up to Lancaster. I decided that it would be the best if I could share the experience with my two best bros, Joey and Steven. After waking up two severely groggy boys very early in the morning, we set out to our chosen buying location: Target.

After freaking out a sales representative with our ninja-filming skills (or lackthereof) we were informed that it wasn't available in-store just yet. Slightly disheartened, but not shaken, we move to our back-up store: Best Buy.

After hanging out in front of the (surprisingly minimally crowded) store before it opened, we trekked through the blue and white aisles in hopes of ending our search. But alas, Best Buy failed us too, and we were forced to head out to find another store.

Hot Topic wouldn't let us down! We headed over, knowing that it would be there. It was the coolest feeling being able to walk into a store that I used to work in, for a long time, where I used to review bands and pick and choose music to play, and be able to walk up to the counter and ask for a CD that I am a part of. We all bought our copies and started listening immediately upon getting back in the car.

 "The Hope Division" is a fantastic album. STYG has always been a great hardcore band, with great values and songs that come straight from the heart. This third-installment to the legacy is no exception. It's a powerful album that hits home on some serious issues. It's true, the music style has changed since the last two albums, but I consider it a wonderful progression, taking steps toward creating a great sound for the band.

I have to admit, once we got to the final track, I was very tempted to stop it, or walk out of the room. I hadn't heard my recorded cover of "This Is More" since the very night we recorded it, so I was a bit nervous (albeit excited) about how I remembered it sounding. I was slightly terrified that anything good I remembered about it would end up being horrifyingly wrong. Well, my friends got me to stick through it (and filmed the reaction!) and I was able to hear my first ever contribution to a legitimate studio album put out by one of my favorite bands on a great record label.

It still kind of feels unreal.

Half of me feels as if I shouldn't be this excited. I didn't write the song, I didn't write the album; I just got a small, (albeit immensely appreciated) piece of an overall illuminating project...

Well, fuck it. I'm giddy, happy, relieved, excited, grateful, and overall blessed to have had this experience. A huge, ridiculous thank you to Stick To Your Guns for allowing me a little piece of their amazing new album, and another thank you to everyone that has commented, messaged, tweeted and poked in my directions with kind words.

I encourage everyone to get out there and buy The Hope Division today! You won't be disappointed!

Stay tuned for videos and pictures from our adventures, coming soon! Be prepared to watch me freak-out several times, all before noon!


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