in lieu

in light of my recent blog, and in light of the fact that it's almost christmas and christmas is all about making lists, here's my girly, relentless, horrifyingly mushy list. i will only do this once and then never speak of it again. i'm just venting.

all i need in someone is:

- someone who will arrange jim carrey marathons to watch with me.
- someone who can understand me even when i ramble uncontrollably.
- someone who doesn't NEED to constantly be around me, or talk to me constantly, rather genuinely wants to.
- someone who has their own friends, and will let me have mine.
- someone who will do the exact opposite of what i tell them to do (in good taste. controlling girlfriends are overrated.)
- someone who, if i call him in a nonsensical fit of rage or sadness has a backup plan to make me feel better, which hopefully includes thai food, a pack of cigarettes and a really great hug.
and finally, and of course this is on every girl's list, but i'm pretty sure i'm one of the few that gets to say this has ACTUALLY happened to her (now seven times, i have bad luck with men)...

- i am not your secret girlfriend. i want someone who wants to be seen with me. i don't care about being "out and about" to "flaunt our love", but if we are out, please don't drop my hand when you see someone you know, or introduce me as just your friend, or tell your friends, "pft, i'd never date her."


merry christmas.

despite the general tone of the blog, i'm very happy.