it's nights like these

it's night like these that make me remember that there is so much good in the world to be seen from two inches in front of your nose.

the lovely mr. steven blackwelder drove all the way down from lancaster after he got off work, to hang out with me when i got off of work. we had mochas and iced teas, lots of cigarettes, a fountain and so many stories. just being able to sit and talk with someone for hours on end and laugh and learn so much has always been one of the greatest experiences ever.

so throughout all the crap that happened this weekend, and all the hopes that were stepped on, and the expectations that were so easily slaughtered, i found that there are things to be thankful for after all. and people, oh gosh people.

i'm thankful for people like steven blackwelder, amber manfredi, james pequignot, timmy chisham, lyndsay carpenter, and jason bornstein who remind me every day why i have so much faith that they will always be there.

i'm thankful for bands like colton saylor and the she sells sea shells, and sleep cyclops, sleep for constantly teaching me about everything; music, life, faith, and friendship.

i'm thankful for people like katie and sean for slamming a door shut in my face, only to open up the biggest and most rewarding one yet.

i'm thankful for my mom, for always being rock solid, and basically for pushing me out so that i had the extreme fortune of being able to meet all these people.

happy thanksgiving, everyone.