"better" is the word du jour.

After our fourth, highly emotional and extremely amazing day in the studio, we're at just about a halfway point to completing this EP. I'm getting these mingled feelings of excitement for its release, anxiety hoping people will like it, and frustration knowing we have such a long way to go and so much more to earn.

But you know what? It will all be okay. In fact, it will be better than okay.
Speaking of which, for those who haven't heard, the title of She's in the Band's debut EP will be "Better".

To give you a little insight to this; these songs, collectively were the chronological steps I took to becoming a better person. Each one takes you through a different phase of completely making-over my life and how I dealt with it. My hope is to evoke that spirit of "spring cleaning" and to anyone who's having a rough time, or doesn't see themselves being the best possible version of themselves can listen to this and maybe get nudged in the right direction. It's helped me worlds, and still helps me to this day.

Also, we have the album art. Without any gilding the lily...

Tiffany Ford, a friend from high school and an incredible artist was the only person I considered for the album art. Upon our first day in the studio she was the first name to pop into my head, and I was adamant about accepting anything else.

After lots of emailing and brainstorming, some mock up photos (excuse the PJs) and color swatches, she sends me this; and I was floored

Go check her out, hire her, tell her you love her, and for that matter tell her I love her too.

We're inching closer everyone. We should have presale up very soon, including some very special surprises for those who decide to purchase one of the packages. :)

We can always use your help to keep us in the studio, so please, donate at Feed the Muse, get your very own She's in the Band T-Shirt, and as always, check out my new videos on YouTube.

Much love, everyone! Be sure to comment, repost, and let me know what you think!



Joseph said...

Loving the album art. Does Tiffany have a twitter or website??? I'd love to give her as much attention as possible.

She's in the Band said...

I've linked to her blog, where she does a lot of her regular posting on new pieces and projects she's working on.

She also has a tumblr

And if I'm not mistaken I wouldn't be surprised if a web domain was well on the way for her.