Dear blog; Getting to know you.

Dear blog;

I have neglected you for some time now.

The weeks proceeding this have been the most amazing and stressful of my life so far. In less than a week's time, I'll be releasing my debut EP, "Better" (She's in the Band). It has been the most rewarding, exhausting, incredible experience of my life, and even though the album is finished and ready to be distributed, I know it really isn't over. Time to take She's in the Band to the streets, the stages, the soapboxes, and the airwaves; time to make it a movement.

My personal life dangled by a thread for a hot minute, and although some things are irreparable, I believe that everything is just the next step in my scientific process for living. Time to learn form my mistakes, clean out the bad things, and move on a better person. So I cut off all my hair, washed my hands of all the nonsense, and here I am, raring and ready to go.

I have so much to share with you all, but for this particular blog's purposes, I really am interested in getting to know all of you. Tell me about yourselves, tell me what you'd like to see here, tell me what you've seen so far; I'm all ears.

I want this to be more than SITB's space for ukulele news and music updates, but really a place where we can interact on as personal a level as you're ready to be on.

Ready? Go.

Hannah Sciurba


Liz Granite: BREAKER said...

Howdy Miss Hannah! It's been a pleasure to witness the progress and production of your album. Looking forward to all there is to come :)

Rock on!

She's in the Band said...

Thanks Liz! That's really wonderful to hear, and hopefully we get to meet and exchange rock stories soon!

Anonymous said...

You can get to know me by reading my blog, laurenfromtexas.com - ha :)

Otherwise, I'm really excited about:
-my husband is finally done with finals! (He is in grad school which occupies A LOT of his time.)
-we will have about a week and a half, I'll be off work & he'll be off school... Merry Christmas to us!

Glad I found you, Miss Hannah! (My little sister's name is Hannah, btw.) I might have a song request for you one of these days. ;)

She's in the Band said...

Aw that sounds lovely Lauren! Definitely merry Christmas to you both!

(Also, that is CRAZY, because MY sister's name is Lauren!)