Presale madness!

FIRST OFF-- Thank you to everyone that has already preordered my very first studio EP, "Better". You guys are giving me the biggest face-eating smile, and I can't wait to put together these packages in December and get them out to each any every one of you.

If you haven't gotten on the presale train yet, YOU STILL HAVE TIME! We need all the help we can get so please keep bugging your friends and family to buy you all the SITB goodness you can get your hands on!

There may have been a slight bit of confusion with our presale bonus tracks, so I'll debunk that all right now:

Upon purchase of ANY of the three presale packages we've set up for you, you receive a download code for three songs off a compilation I put together called "A Stab At Comedy". These songs are our gift to you for supporting She's in the Band, and are exclusive only to those who preorder "Better". These songs are not part of, or the EP, "Better." They are just three humorous songs we wanted to share with you for being so awesome!

If you have absolutely any questions about presale, album info, or anything SITB, please send them to: shesintheband@gmail.com!

Last but not least, I've posted a brand new, original song up on my Youtube, about Facebook and hate. Take that Mark Zuckerberg!

(Hint: This is one of the bonus tracks you get for pre-ordering the EP! ;))


Lost said...
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Lost said...

Lets try that again...

Do you have a digital version for sale? Being in the UK, and not actually owning a CD player pose some hurdles.

Congrats on getting the EP out! Havn't caught up with your blog for a while but glad to see its all happening!

And the facebook song - GOLD!

She's in the Band said...

Yes! Of course, the album hasn't been released yet, but if you head to http://shesintheband.bandcamp.com

you can preorder the DIGITAL-ONLY package, which is the $5.00 package!

But don't let being in the UK discourage you, we're totally shipping internationally :)

Thanks so much for all the support, and I'm glad you like the new funny tune! :)

Alexa L. said...

This really is great stuff. Really great. Really.

Anonymous said...

This song? Is brilliant.