This weekend I decided to put on my Led Zeppelin record, and get full-on, balls-to-the-wall pretty...for a photoshoot with Danielle Morse (Front Focus Photography). After a day and a half of shooting (and running on 3 hours of sleep, hot air, and hopes and dreams) I think we managed to get some really really great shots in hopes of taking She's in the Band promotion to a whole new level. Also, seeing as, though I am built like one, I don't have any make-up or hair molding skills like most women seem to have, I called in the pros with Alexis McConnell to girl me up a bit.

All day Friday we spent scouting a location for our day shoot the following day, unfortunately by the time we found a suitable place, it was already past dark. Being the "adventurers" we are, we decided to trekk out to Agoura Hills, CA to check out some hiking trails...in the middle of the pitch black night. We brought flashlights. Needless to say, being a huge wuss, I stayed in the car and terrifyingly entertained the idea of the fact that this was how every horror movie I've ever seen played out.

After playing in the dark, we headed back to my house to tear apart my living room and design a set. We threw around at least twenty pairs of flip flops, old school toys, crayons and a manner of other things to design a fun, flirty, light shoot that came out fantastically. I snuck some pictures off of Dani's camera onto my cell phone.

The next morning we woke up bright and early at 7am to begrudgingly push me back into hair and makeup, and head out to Agoura Hills to finish our outdoor shoots. Let me tell you kids; BRING BUG REPELLENT. Alexis took a bee sting to the head like a champ.

All in all, the day went great. I think we got some really solid photos for promotion, and I got to spend a couple days with some great girls, and eating the best thai/chinese cuisine in the San Fernando Valley.

Stay tuned for pictures, coming soon!