heart on my sleeve

I have more than a couple tattoos. All of them shell out a different meaning, a different significance to my life, but I don't think any of them have hit me the way this new one has. 

When I was younger, and even now to some extent, I was very reluctant to take any time to really think about my future. I don't mean thinking about school, what I want to do for my career, but really thinking about me and who I will personally become in the future. If I remember correctly, starting around age 13, I never thought too much ahead because I couldn't see myself living past age 18. I never planned on killing myself or anything of the sort, but where most of my friends can delve into this deep, elaborate construct of what they think they'll be like when they 'grow-up', I never got past legality. Two years later I'm starting to see that I have a good long life ahead of me, and I couldn't be more excited to get on living it.

So now that I've dropped the assumption that I'll drop dead any second, I've designed this tree on me, basically, the Tree of My Life, and not only do I get to live and experience my life as it progresses, but I get to watch the progression in the form of color, slowly working it's way up this tree. It's exciting to think that now, when I'm just barely getting into my adult life, the tree will be very black and white, and as I get older and gain experiences, more and more color will be added and therefore more and more life will be represented.

In my last blog I talked about the dates that I've picked so far. Think about your 'Life Tree': What dates would you include?