can i get a drum roll please?

So, in hopes that one day this blog will have 4+ followers, I finally feel confident enough to share the big news with everyone...

She's in the Band is going to be the featured artist on the secret track of Stick to Your Gun's new album, "The Hope Division", to be released this summer.

I KNOW, RIGHT?! It all happened relatively fast and after a few days of thinking that it just wasn't going to work out, I saw this lovely little tweet...

Okay, well, being honest, I didn't actually see this tweet until I got home from work, but after receiving a couple text messages from friends, to my bewilderment, saying, "Congratulations!" I was given the message.

I'm so thrilled that this is happening; who knows what it could mean? As of right now my main concerns are getting all of SITB's affairs in order. I have some amazing photographer friends like Timmy Chisham and Danielle Morse who have been/will be helping me out with promo shoots. I am currently searching for a web designer who thinks they can make my myspace look gorgeous, so if you know anyone, put them in contact with me.

Also, for anyone who hasn't heard, or heard it, I released an EP last year, "[Potentially] Potential EP" with James Pequignot and I am hoping to have the full CD up for free download at some point this week, so be sure to keep an eye and an ear out for all this nonsense!

Now for the time in the blog where I get to shamelessly promote all of my social networking sites. If you're feeling it, please subscribe and follow and tell all your friends to do the same! Big things are coming, everyone, let's get pumped!

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My Band's Myspace - Colton Saylor and the She Sells Sea Shells

I guess I just want to take a quick opportunity to thank people like James, Amber, Steven, Timmy, Joey and Wallz for all their help and support in the last week, since I've been admittedly crazy in all this excitement. And STYG, of course, for this opportunity! Be sure to catch them at The Crossing in Palmdale on March 4th! I'll definitely be there! I'm excited to see what happens next!



Joey the Destroyer said...

So stoked. I'm currently working on mixing down the track to an mp3 for you.

hannah isnt real said...

So awesome, Giant! Send it to my email as soon as you've got it all done! thanks thank thanks times a thousand